Invitation for collaborations to Flaming Lips zine – “Make the good things last”/”Now I understand” (working titles)

Jean McEwan (jeanieszines) and Jon Eland ( invite you to submit your interest or finished pieces celebrating the work of the psychedelic alternative rock band Flaming Lips.

Your work can be in any recorded format (we will consider including a CD/DVD as part of the publication if appropriate) and the finished publication may take a less than conventional format.

Any submitted or proposed work should be your own copyright and you should be happy to licence it to for use in this publication. All contributors will be offered up to 5 copies of the publication at cost price.

We’d like to publish it digitally as well as in print; especially if one is a ‘re-mix’ of the other, maybe – and very excited to have audio/video as part of it.

Send submissions of interest, questions and finished material… to Jon

About Jon

Photographic imagemaker, digital evangelist and all-round good egg. Creator and editor of 'Onbscured'

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